SM don’t ban artists from dating

In all my 8 years of stalking being interested in everything SM Entertainment, I can’t remember reading anything legit about a ban on dating.

Lee Yeonhee even said earlier this year:

[SM] tell us that dating is allowed, but that we shouldn’t be discovered.

Dating is allowed. Being caught is not so good. But obviously it can happen.

It baffles me that The Korea Times can publish a column with analysis based on the faulty assumption that SM-artists aren’t allowed to date.

It’s ridiculous!


SM did not leak it on purpose.

Didn’t we agree last time that leaks hurt the comeback and make EXO sad?







I just read something that … really pissed me off while I was searching for information about EXO’s comeback this/next month:
-” Lastly, SM also started to plan EXO’s solo concert, there is a high probability that they will release more information after this comeback promotions. “
It’s from allkpop. I don’t know if it’s bullshit or something, but I seriously want to- Ugh. Just- I’m angry. 
I don’t know if this means a solo concert in Korea, or if it’s gonna be continental, or worldwide. But If it’s true. Then fuck SM. I’m done. 
That would be so not fair. 
These talented girls had 1 so called solo concert (but oh! wait, with EXO) since almost 5 years.
I really, really do not hate EXO, I hate SM.
So if this is true, SM, then you’re the most horrible entertainment out there.

wow… even more horrible than the ones who take huge amounts of money from the trainees’ families with the promise to let their kid debut and then run away with everything?

Even more horrible than the ones who ask their trainees for sexual favours in order to even have a chance to debut?

Okay, good to know!

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Anyone who has ever spent two minutes watching people reacting and interacting can see that the Jongsuk incident at the airport was a misunderstanding.

It’s beyond me why this even became an issue.


"Why do people put things as a quote when it’s just random stuff they want to say?"
and then put their own name as the source.